What to Do Before Moving to A New City

What to Do Before Moving to A New City

Is moving to Guelph something that you’ve always dreamed of?

Or has your employer asked you to relocate away from the royal city? Whatever the actual reason is, moving to another city probably has you feeling a little overwhelmed and even a bit nervous. You don’t want to jump into something completely new without having a clear idea of what you’re getting into.

A huge decision like moving to a new city means planning ahead! So we put together the top three things to consider before relocating to help you out!

Test out the new city

Do you have some extra vacation time? If so, it’s a great idea to check out the potential city, which will help you understand if the move is something that you truly want to do. This temporary time should be used to experience the city as a resident rather than someone on a vacation. If you have a friend or relative who lives in that city ask to stay with them for a bit. However, an alternative is to find a temporary sublet in the neighbourhood that you’re considering or rent an Airbnb.

Doing the necessary math

You want to be certain that you’ll be able to cover all of your bills once you’ve moved. You don’t want to find yourself in a bad financial spot after only a few months in your new city. This is why it’s important for you to make sure to add up the numbers to make sure the move is financially feasible. Having some money saved up that can act as a cushion just in case of an unexpected rise in living expenses is an amazing idea to consider. Furthermore, you could consider having a back-up plan for part-time work to pull in extra money while job hunting if you haven’t secured a job in your new city yet.

Finding the right neighbourhood

Choosing the right neighbourhood in your new city can be hard, due to the many unknowns. It’s smart to ask around about different neighbourhoods in the community and even go for a walk within them at different times of the day. While looking for your new neighbourhood, you should check into the average price range of both rentals and homes for sale. The convenience of the location should also be considered such as how close it is to potential job opportunities and your desired social life. Furthermore, looking into the crime rate of specific areas is also a smart thing to do.

If you have any questions in regards to moving to or from Guelph please feel free to call or email the DiLoreto Real Estate Team.