Top 10 Things to Do in Guelph During the Winter

Top 10 Things to Do in Guelph During the Winter

Top 10 Things to Do in Guelph During the Winter!

Guelph is situated in southwestern Ontario and located about 100km from Toronto. Its relatively close access to Toronto makes Guelph a popular place to visit or to settle down in.

Guelph is named as one of Canada’s most livable places. Guelph offers lots of attractions and things to do.

Here are the top 10 things you can do in winter:

  1. Ice Skate at Market Square
    Put a pair of skates on and enjoy a night of ice-skating at the magnificent Market Square. At night, the place gets lit up with lights of many colors making it a great place to bring your family to enjoy the magical atmosphere. If you don’t have a pair of skates, you can rent them at the sports store across the street. If the weather is pretty cold, you can always sit down and drink hot chocolate at one of the great cafes downtown.
  2. Prepare for a Winter Adventure in the Arboretum
    The Arboretum is not only worth visiting in the summer or fall, but in the winter as well. Once the snow starts to fall, make sure to take a walk through the woods and enjoy the quiet atmosphere.
  3. Visit the Hill Behind L/A
    The best place to go sledding is on this hill. It is steep and has enough space for a safe sledding experience! Lots of students from the University get creative by improvising with homemade sleds. If you want to experience this winter activity, now is the perfect time to do so.
  4. See a Guelph Storm Hockey Game
    Guelph Storm Hockey is the pride of Guelph and seeing a game is definitely a must. Lots of NHL players have started out, as players for this team, including Drew Doughty. An interesting fact, some of the realtors on our team have even played for the Guelph Storm. Their games are always fast-paced and fun to watch, you should defiantly check one out!
  5. Have a Snowball Fight on Johnson Green
    Regardless of your age, grab your friends or family and have some fun on Johnson Green. Take a hint from the Guelph students last year and organize another massive snowball fight. Keep it safe; because we know things can sometimes get a little out of hand!
  6. Visit Guelph Farmer’s Market
    The market is located in downtown and is open every Saturday from 7 am until noon. Guelph Farmer’s Market has been a meeting place for all food lovers for more than 180 years. We guarantee you an incredible experience with its huge variety of products.
  7. Grab a Beer at The Royal City Brewing Company
    Don’t miss the opportunity to see how premium craft brews are made! The brewery is open for visits and the staff can explain to you all about their unique brewing process. And you can drink some beer…
  8. Attend Hillside Inside
    The festival is hosted from 10-12 February at downtown Guelph and you can warm up by dancing to some great music.
  9. Get Cozy in a Downtown Café
    Warm-up in one of the great downtown cafes! Planet Bean Coffee and Red Brick Café are both great choices.
  10. Shop on Old Quebec Street
    If you are into shopping, Old Quebec Street is worth visiting. Besides the many shops, you can enjoy its aesthetic beauty and architecture.

Guelph has tons to offer when it comes to entertainment, activities and cultural attractions! It is definitely a place worth visiting or living, which is why all our realtors personally live in the Guelph area!