DiLoreto Team Sells Your Home
DiLoreto Team Sells Your Home
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The timing has never been better to sell your house, and with our team of expert realtors, the process has never been easier. What needs to be done to get your house ready for sale? The queries are endless. The DiLoreto Team is prepared for any questions you may have.


To improve the marketing of your home we ensure that we understand the strengths of your property to maximize the interest in what you are offering. We provide you with expert guidance, with a wealth of market knowledge to ensure your home commands what it’s truly worth.

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What you can expect when you sell your home

We understand that a house is more than a large asset, it’s your home, where you have grown to feel comfortable. Through a shared vision, we treat every home like it’s our own and try our best to understand the unique entity that is your house. When you entrust the sale of your home to our team we guide you every step of the way and we take as much off your plate as possible. Sell your home with the DiLoreto Team.


As our client, you have access to our Concierge Collective.
These services are complimentary and take the hassle and stress out of preparing your home for sale.

The DiLoreto Team Selling Process

DiLoreto Team Selling Process

Initial meeting to discuss the client’s overall real estate goals and expectations.

DiLoreto Team Selling Process
Evaluations and Recommendations

Detailed analysis of the current market, comparable listings, and market trends to arrive at the suggested market value of the home. General walkthrough of the home to provide improvement suggestions that could increase the value (discounted rates on skilled trades).

DiLoreto Team Selling Process
Prepare to Market

The final walkthrough of the home to ensure everything is prepared and ready to go to market. This would include potential decluttering, staging, painting, as well as any other recommendations agreed upon to maximize the value of the home and minimize days on market.

DiLoreto Team Selling Process
Photo Tours

Professional photos, drone shots, night shots, creation of iGuides, and virtual tours video.

DiLoreto Team Selling Process

Prior to going to market a quick review to ensure measurements, comments, any potentially missed items are caught to ensure nothing is overlooked and ensure the client is completely satisfied with all aspects.

DiLoreto Team Selling Process
Go to Market

The listing goes live, social media platforms are updated, campaigns are created, open houses are posted, and signs are utilized to ensure maximum exposure of the home is achieved. Potential internal clients are contacted as well.

DiLoreto Team Selling Process
Open Houses and Showings

Agent open houses – usually accompanied by a raffle, open houses, Realtor showings, and feedback is reported back to the client.

DiLoreto Team Selling Process
Data Feedback and Analysis

We carefully track and record all feedback and data from showings including online traffic generated. We then compare this knowledge to our current market reports to arrive at recommendations (a very key and important factor).

DiLoreto Team Selling Process

We don’t believe in a stale listing, it’s very important to use all the information we have gathered to react appropriately if necessary during the first two weeks on the market. This is a good time to sit down and make any potential changes that would benefit the listing. Any questions the client may have are quickly answered either in person, over email, or via phone call.

DiLoreto Team Selling Process
Offer Review and Negotiations

As a team, we take a tremendous amount of pride to negotiate the best possible scenario for our client.

Interested in what your home is worth, how we can increase the value, and recent homes sale values in your neighhbourhood?

What's My Home Worth

Complimentary Home Evaluation

Get access to your home evaluation

We are happy to provide you with a complimentary home evaluation. Even if you are just contemplating listing your home for sale, fill in the form below and one of our team members will provide your complimentary home evaluation.

What's My Home Worth