Is your home Fall ready?

Is your home Fall ready?

Is your home Fall ready? – Do you still need to winterize?

Have you started getting your home ready for the colder months? Winter is on its way and it’s important to winterize your home before it’s too late.

Leaky outdoor pipes is not a nice surprise on a cold morning (we know from experience 😬).

Here are some simple tips to prepare your home for the cold months ahead!

➡️ Drain/turn off exterior faucets
➡️ Seal drafty windows and doors
➡️ Insulate your windows (heavy curtains or insulation film can help with this)
➡️ Clean rain gutters
➡️ Test and maintain your furnace
➡️ Replace furnace filters
➡️ Clean dryer vents
➡️ Inspect your roof/reshingle if necessary
➡️ Check that your winter equipment is in good working order
➡️ Store all outdoor furniture

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