Is It Time For A Bigger Home?

Is It Time For A Bigger Home?

Being able to own your dream home is the ultimate satisfaction.

When you bought your first place, it was perfect for you at that time, but things change over time! You may have gotten married, and recently had a few kids who are starting to want pets. This may call for some more well-needed space and maybe even that beautiful home you’ve been dreaming of!

Is Now the Right Time?

No matter what your reasoning is whether it be overly hyper dogs, growing numbers of children, or got a significant job promotion giving you some extra money. It’s definitely time for an upgrade when your current quality of life is suffering, due to the lack of space of your current accommodations. However, even if space is not an issue it may still be time to upgrade if you can afford to purchase a larger, nicer house that will make a happier you.

Some Things to Keep In Mind!

Upgrading to a bigger house usually always means more money. You may be comfortable with your current mortgage payment, but you need to make sure that you could handle a larger one. Furthermore, a bigger home comes with more to clean and maintain, which can take away some of your free time or money. It’s smart to consider what you may have to give up in regards to certain luxuries like vacations and going out with friends before putting in an offer on a new home. If you have enough cash to cover the purchase of a new home without depending on the profit from selling your current home, then good for you. However, most people need to sell their current home before buying. Another option is to have the two mortgages, which can work if you rent the other one out.

Finding the Right Neighbourhood

Depending on your situation, trading up can mean moving from a regular-sized condo to a 2,500 square-foot single-family home. It could even mean leaving a 4,000-square-foot single-family home in south Guelph for a luxury penthouse loft in downtown Guelph. There is a lot to choose from in cities like Guelph, which makes it easy to find any type of dream home that you may be looking for! No matter what your wish list is our team of realtors can help you find what you’re looking for!

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