8 Simple Steps to Selling your Home!

8 Simple Steps to Selling your Home!


1. Interview real estate agents.

There are a lot of agents out there, some offering different services than others. Make sure to hire an agent that is knowledgable and suits your needs.

2. Establish a price.

Your real estate agent should compile a Comparative Market Analysis for you gathering the neighbouring sales in your neighbourhood. Using this information and the condition/updates/quality etc. of your home, an accurate price should be established.

3. Prepare your home for market.

This can mean decluttering, painting, gardening and more. Simply speaking, this is the time to ensure your home is clean and presentable for a potential buyer.

4. List your home on MLS.

This is where us agents come in! Listing your home on the MLS system is how potential buyers will view your home, see photos, house details and everything else required to book an appointment to (hopefully) purchase your property.

5. Offers and negotiations.

A very important step in the process. This is where your agent will work their very hardest to secure you the best price for your home.

6. Fulfilling obligations.

When an offer has been accepted and has conditions, this would be the time for the buyer/seller to fulfill those obligations. When completed and signed off on, you’ll have a FIRM sale!

7. Finding a lawyer.

You’ll need a competent real estate lawyer in order to close your home. Often times your real estate agent will be able to refer you to a lawyer in your area that can help you with this process and finalize the appropriate paperwork.

8. Closing Day.

The time has come! The final walkthroughs have been completed by the purchaser, you have moved all of your belongings from the home, left it in a clean and tidy state and the paperwork has been finalized by your lawyer. Your property is now officially SOLD and the keys will be handed off to the new purchaser.

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